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Soflens 38

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Soflens 38

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb Type: One To Two Week Disposable Contains: 2 Lenses per Box
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Soflens 38
Boxes Base Curve Diameter Power Price per Box
Left Eye (OS) 14.0 $ 27.99
Right Eye (OD) 14.0 $ 27.99
  • Material Content


    Product Information


    Product Information

    Soflens 38 Lens: The Product, Uses and Characteristics

    Soflens 38 are easy-to-wear contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb. These are spherical soft lenses with low water content and are manufactured by using cast molding technology or patented technology of Reverse Process III. They can be used by patients suffering from myopia or hyperopia. In myopia or nearsightedness, patients cannot see far objects clearly, whereas in hyperopia or farsightedness, patients have a problem in seeing near objects clearly. Soflens 38 can help in these conditions by correcting the refractive error and giving crisp and clear vision to patients. They can be used on an extended wear basis or for daily wear. These lenses have a very low center thickness that helps in providing transmission of oxygen in good amounts. They also have a higher thickness at the mid-peripheral part to allow good handling for different power ranges.

    Technical Product Details
    • Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
    • Type: Soft Contact Lens
    • Packing: Available in 6 packs
    • Material: Polymacon
    • Water Content: 38.6%
    • Material group of FDA: I
    • Oxygen transmission: at -3.00D, 24.3
    • Method of manufacturing: Cast molding or Reverse Process III
    • Base curve: 9.0 mm, 8.7 mm, 8.4 mm
    • Powers: from -9.00D to +4.00D
    • Diameter: 14.00 mm
    • Visibility tint: blue
    • Optical zone: 8.0 mm(+), 9.0 mm – 10.0 mm(-)
    • Center thickness: from 0.035 mm (-3.00D) to 0.09 mm (+4.00D), 0.026 mm (-9.00D)
    Soflens 38 Lens Features, Product Characteristics and Advantages
    • These lenses give high performance in providing a good image of objects to the patients. These lenses are time tested and are very comfortable to wear due to the deposit resistant material used in their preparation. The Polymacon material of these lenses is very effective in giving clear vision.
    • They are available to be used in different schedules. Hence, patients using them can plan the replacement schedule as per their requirements. They can use these lenses on a daily basis or for 7 days.
    • The visibility tint provided by these lenses makes it easy to spot them in the lens case.
    • The water content of these lenses helps in preventing dryness of the eyes. This prevents the redness and irritation of the eyes that many contact lens wearers complain of.
    • These lenses allow transmission of oxygen in good amounts. So, patients wearing these lenses feel fresh throughout the day.

    In Conclusion: A Recap of Soflens 38 Lenses

    Soflens 38 are the best option for patients suffering from myopia or hyperopia. These lenses not only provide very good vision clarity but are also quite safe for the eyes. These lenses give patients the freedom to choose their own replacement schedule. They can be used for a single day or for 7 continuous days. Patients opting for one-day contact lenses do not have to bother about cleaning the lenses everyday. These lenses are very easy to handle. They provide crisp and clear vision so that patients can enjoy every memorable moment in their life.


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