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Soflens Multifocal

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb Type: Bifocal Lenses Contains: 6 Lenses per Box
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Soflens Multifocal
Boxes Base Curve Diameter Power Add Power Price per Box
Left Eye (OS) 14.5 $ 39.99
Right Eye (OD) 14.5 $ 39.99
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    Product Information


    Product Information

    Pure Vision Soflens Multifocal Lens: The Product, Uses and Characteristics

    Pure Visions Soflens Multifocal lenses are very soft and comfortable contact lenses. These lenses are a product of Bausch and Lomb. These are hydrophilic contact lenses that help patients to feel comfortable and fresh for the whole day. When these lenses are placed over the cornea in their hydrated state, they act as a refractory medium and help in correctly focusing light on the retina so that a very clear image of the object is formed. These lenses have an asphere anterior surface, which consists of more than one aspheric zone along the spherical base curve. Patients suffering from myopia or hyperopia can use these lenses on a daily basis. They can also be used by patients suffering from presbyopia. Patients having astigmatism of less than 2.00 diopters that does not affect their visual activity can use these contact lenses for getting clear and crisp vision. Patients using these lenses need to remove the lenses every night. They should clean the lenses and rinse them in a special solution. Later, the lenses should be dipped in chemical disinfecting solution so as to prevent infection of eyes. These lenses are provided with a blue tint so that it becomes easier to spot the lenses in the lens case.

    Technical Product Details
    • Manufacturer: Bausch and Lomb
    • Type: Multifocal Contact Lens
    • Water Content: 38.6 percent water content when immersed in saline solution
    • Light transmittance: at least 86%
    • Material used: Polymacon, 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate
    • Specific Gravity: 1.12
    • Dye used: 246, reactive blue dye
    • Visibility tint: blue
    • Manufacturing method: cast molding process
    • Refractive index: 1.43
    • Power range: from +6.00 to -10.00 diopters along with add power, which ranges from +1.50D to + 2.50D
    • Base curve: 8.5 mm
    • Diameter: 14.5 mm
    • Thickness at center: 0.05 mm to 0.50 mm
    Pure Vision Soflens Multifocal Lens Features, Product Characteristics and Advantages
    • The oxygen permeability of these lenses is very good. This allows entry of oxygen through the lenses in healthy amounts, which helps patients to feel fresh for the whole day.
    • Patients suffering from refractive errors of the eyes can make use of these contact lenses for getting a clean and clear image of everything. Apart from this, it is a great relief to patients suffering from astigmatism, as they do not have to worry about wearing glasses because Pure Vision Soflens contact lenses can give them exceptionally clear vision.
    • These lenses have very good moisture content that helps in preventing dryness of the eyes that could have caused redness and irritation of eyes otherwise.
    In Conclusion: A Recap of Pure Vision Soflens Multifocal Lens

    Pure Vision Soflens Multifocal contact lenses are very safe to use. They help in giving a crystal clear image to patients suffering from refractive errors of the eyes, or astigmatism, so that they can enjoy every memorable moment in their life to the fullest.


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