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Brand: Clomid Generic Composition: CLOMIPHENE Common Brand: Serophene What Is Generic?
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  • Descriptions

    Generic Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is an ovulatory stimulant. To be taken by mouth, Clomid is a non-steroid medication that acts in a manner similar to estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone in women, which is responsible for production of eggs in the woman’s ovaries and their release. Clomiphene Citrate (also marketed as Serophene) displays high pharmacological reaction with tissues in the female reproductory organs and initiates the processes required for women to ovulate

    How to use

    Users should buy clomid only after ascertaining that the reason of them being not able to reproduce is ovulatory dysfunction. Usually patients are started on a low dosage of Clomid 50mg. Clomid 25mg is also available and users can buy clomid 25 mg as well as Clomid 50 mg over here. Generally one tablet of 50mg per day is suggested for five days. Dosage should be increased for cases, which do not ovulate after Clomid 50mg use or as per Physician Instructions. In case there is a coincidental start menstruation related bleeding just prior to Clomid therapy, then it should be started on the fifth day of the cycle. Generally ovulation is seen after five days of completing the course. In case, ovulation doesn't occur after five days of preliminary Clomid therapy, then a higher dose might be prescribed by Physician. Clomiphene (Clomid) medication is for use in adults only, it is not meant for use in children.


    Clomid side effect can be serious and any untoward reaction should be immediately intimated to the Physician. If a Physician prescribes Clomid, it means that, when taken as prescribed, the Physician feels that Clomid benefits will be much higher for the patient than the corresponding Clomid risks. Following are some of the severe side effects observed in Clomid users:

    • Hazy eyesight
    • Imaginary Bright lights or dots
    • Stomach ache or bloating
    • Increase in weight
    • Irregular breathing
    Other side effect may include:
    • Feeling hot
    • Improper bowel movements
    • Throwing up
    • Uneasiness in breasts
    • Aching head
    • Unusual bleeding through vaginal opening
    There have been cases of ovarian cancer due to excessive Clomid use


    There are no known Clomid Interactions with specific drugs. Yet users should discuss all ongoing medications, therapies, supplements etc. with their Physicians before users buy clomid online at online drugstore.


    In case of Clomid overdose, users should immediately call local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. In case of serious reaction like lack of breathing or losing consciousness, immediately intimate local emergency services at 911. Symptoms of Clomid overdose could be uneasiness, throwing up, user feels unusually hot, eyesight issues, stomachache etc.


    • Users should discuss Clomid benefits and risks with Physician before users purchase Clomid.
    • Users should regularly visit Physician and avoid missing appointments. Physicians may suggest various tests to detect pregnancy, Clomiphene response etc.
    • Discuss with Physician about all ongoing medications, therapies, supplement use as well as dietary /lifestyle changes to be done before actual Clomid use.

      Missed Dose

      Take Clomid dose at the same time everyday. In case of realizing that any Clomid dose has been missed, take the next one immediately. In case the user realizes missed dose just prior to the next one, skip the dose and take the usual one. Do not increase Clomid dose to make up for the missed dose. Discuss with physician in case of any confusion.


      Clomid (Clomiphene) is prescribed for women with ovulatory dysfunction. In certain cases, women are unable to generate eggs but have desire to become pregnant. Clomid assists women to develop eggs in their ovaries, thus increasing their chances of reproducing.

      Other Uses

      Clomid May also be used for treating male infertility, excess breast milk generation, fibrocystic breasts, unusual menstruation issues etc. Physicians may possibly suggest other uses as well.


      Clomid should be stored at normal temperature, away from heat and moisture (do not keep in bathroom). It should not be accessible to pets or children. Outdated Clomid should be disposed off properly.


      Clomid usage can be dangerous and hence should not be used unless advised by Physician. Following are Clomid related precautions, to be observed before users purchase Clomid:

      • Users should disclose any allergies, esp. to Clomiphene and other contents of the medication, to their Physician. Users should check the contents while purchasing and discuss them with their Pharmacist/Physician before actually starting the course.
      • Users should discuss and disclose all ongoing medications, supplements, or any additional nutrients being taken, with their Physician.
      • Users should inform their Physician if they ever had a medical history of Hepatic afflictions, thyroid/adrenal problems, ovarian cysts, unusual hemorrhage of female sexual organs, pituitary tumor or uterine fibroids.
      • In case of conception during use or if already being pregnant or lactating mothers, users should immediately inform Physician.
      • Complex tasks may be hampered by impaired vision and hence users should not be involved in jobs that need instant decision making
      • Clomiphene use increases chance of multiple pregnancy like twins, etc. Users should understand this and discuss with Physician.

      Order Clomiphene online

      Generic Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is prescribed for ovulation in women who are not able to generate eggs yet desire to become pregnant. Users should disclose and discuss all dietary and lifestyle habits with doctor before they start Clomid (Clomiphene) use. Users can buy fertility drugs like Clomid from their local drugstore or can also purchase Clomiphene online from various online pharmacies